Emergency Personnel Respond to Ashland High After Shooting Call

This is a developing incident. Medford Alert will continue to monitor and update as new information becomes available. Scroll to the bottom of the article for the latest updates.

At approximately 8:39a this morning, ECSO dispatch received a call from an individual claiming there was an active shooter at Ashland High School (AHS). Dispatchers remarked that the caller was uncooperative when pressed for additional information. The school immediately was placed in lockdown by school authorities.

The caller told dispatchers that between 1-3 people had been shot. Ashland Police, Jackson County Fire District 5 (JCFD5), Ashland Fire Rescue, and Jackson County Sheriff’s (JCSO) all responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, there was no indication that a shooting took place. However, as a precaution, Rogue Valley Tac 1 was placed on standby for any additional resources needed. Multiple police teams cleared the campus building by building, eventually finding no victims or proof of any shooting.

Several Valley fire units staged around the school in preparation for potential victims. They were released about 80 minutes after the initial call.

Most law enforcement units have cleared the scene. The investigation is ongoing into this incident and no arrests have been made so far. An earlier transmission stated that there was an school shooting alarm that may have triggered as well on campus, that is unconfirmed at this time.

In the similar timeframe, officials at South Medford High also received a threat of a possible shooting. There was no threat found at that campus as well.

Ashland Police believe the same number called into 911, was used in other school shooting hoaxes around the country.

There is not believed to be any credible threat to any school in the Valley at this time.

Medford Alert is working to gather additional information, and will provide updates as they become available.

Source: APH


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