Wild River to Host Fundraiser for Medford Non-Profit

David’s Chair Outdoor Mobility Systems invites you to join them at the Wild River Pizza and Brewing Company on Monday February 20th between 11am until 8pm at their Medford location for great food and beverages to support the David’s Chair mission.

Wild River will donate a portion of their sales for the entire day on February 20th to David’s Chair. Grab your friends and family and head down to Wild River Brewing and Pizza for lunch, dinner or just to have a drink and support great local organizations in their quest to make our community better. Wild River will provide food, beverages and excellent service in their usual fun atmosphere created by their amazing staff. David’s Chair will have SWAG, Raffles and giveaways.

David’s Chair is a 501 C(3) non-profit enriching the lives of the mobility impaired by giving them the use of track chairs so they can independently enjoy outdoor activities and go places regular wheelchairs cannot free of charge. In addition to track chairs David’s Chair has added paragolfers to their program. A Paragolfer is a specially designed mobility chair that supports a person with mobility impairments body and allows that person to stand and take a full golf swing.

About David’s Chair

David’s Chair got its start in 2017, after Medford man David Hartrick was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). An avid hunter and fisherman, David immediately began searching for a way to enjoy the outdoors in the confines of a wheelchair. With the help of CEO and Founder Steve Furst, the pair discovered Action Trackchairs and raised enough money to buy one. David recognized he wouldn’t be able to use it for long and dreamed of others benefiting from the chair as well; shortly after, the non-profit David’s Chair was born. 

David passed away on January 11, 2018, just 11 months after his ALS diagnosis. However, David’s Chair continues to give the gift of independence and freedom to people with ALS and other mobility challenges. Both David’s original Action Trackchair, several newer chairs have been used by people with mobility challenges to go places and experience freedom they haven’t been able to, free of charge. In addition to providing track chairs, David’s Chair debuted their adaptive golf program in June of 2021 and now owns two ParaGolfers. This special golf chair allows individuals with many different mobility challenges to standup and take a full golf swing.

With the help of donations in the form of grants, sponsors and generous individuals, David’s Chair has taken people and their families on exciting outdoor excursions at locations that are inaccessible to regular wheelchairs. To learn more about David’s Chair, visit www.davidschair.org and like David’s Chair on Facebook.

Source: Davids Chair

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