North Medford High Briefly Locked Down After Neighborhood Threat

Officials say that North Medford High School went into SECURE this morning for a short time. Medford Police secured the school at around 11am because of a potential threat in the nearby neighborhood.

School officials have now been given the all clear. At this time, police say there is no immediate threat to students.

The SECURE protocol is the action the school takes that was previously known as a ‘lockout.’ When authorities secure schools, it means there is a threat in the area.

As part of the SECURE protocol, students are moved indoors, out of hallways, lock outside doors and go about business as usual.

Allen Barber, with North Medford High School remarked, “your student’s safety is our top priority.”

Medford Alert is working to gather additional information at this time and will provide updates as they become available.

Source: MSD549C


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