Valley Floor Snow Expected as Winter Storm Arrives

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Medford has issued a Winter Storm Warning for most cities in Jackson County, beginning tonight at 7p.

Currently, Central Point, Eagle Point, White City, and lower elevations of Medford are expected to see around 1-2 inches of snow by Tuesday morning. Ashland, Jacksonville, Ruch, and higher elevations of the east Medford hills may get double that amount.

This storm is also expecting to drop snow levels to around 500ft on Tuesday, adding to the chance for more accumulation of snow on the Valley floor.

Travel over the I5 Siskiyou Pass is expected to be greatly impacted, along with most highway passes around our region.

The Rogue Valley International Medford Airport (MFR) is also under an Airport Weather Warning until Tuesday. MFR does have snow removal equipment. However, travel delays could be significant. If flying in or out of the airport in the next couple days, check with your airline for the latest.

In Medford, the City will has three snowplows for this winter. The purpose of snow plowing is to remove accumulated snow from the road surface. Doing so has the following benefits:

  • Plowed roads are safer and easier to drive on
  • Removing the bulk of the snow prevents the snow from “packing” on the road and turning to ice
  • By plowing the snow, the roads clear up much faster as the sun comes out

Plowing routes are currently being developed, but generally arterial and collector roads, routes to hospitals, know problem areas (for example, McAndrews Road east of Foothill Road), and higher elevations will have the highest priorities. 

If plowing is needed, crews will be out early to try and get the roads in the best shape possible before the morning commute. During large snowfalls, crews will not be able to plow all roads, and drivers should expect slick conditions.

With any significant storm, the potential for power interruptions or outages are real. Make sure you and your family have enough food and water to last three days. Also, plan to have blankets or a safe way to remain warm if the power goes out and your heat source stops.

Medford Alert will monitor this upcoming weather and provide additional information as it becomes available, including the latest road conditions.

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