Medford School District Records Highest Graduation Rates Ever

More Medford School District students graduated in 2022 than in any previous year in Medford School District’s (MSD) history.

The Oregon Department of Education released statewide graduation rates today. MSD’s district wide four year graduation rate increased five percentage points over last year, from 82.4% to 87.2%. Of the ten largest districts in the state, MSD is in the top three for students graduating in four years.

Many individuals contributed to this achievement including educators, staff, students and families. 

“Of course, no one is satisfied with 87.2% because it does not meet our goal of every student crossing the stage with options open and hopeful,” said Superintendent Bret Champion. “But we want to thank all who contribute daily to getting our students across the stage as we move ever closer to the goal of 100% graduation rate.”

Several strategies have contributed to helping students get their diplomas, including:  

  • High schools continuing to identify and meet students’ needs.
  • Increasing credit retrieval options through extended learning opportunities in school, after school, and during the school day. 
  • Medford Online Academy, which allows students to accrue credit at a faster pace.
  • Systematizing curriculum, student engagement, and family involvement to increase student success from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The MSD remarks they are committed to improving districtwide systems by including the following strategies:

  • Increasing project-based learning opportunities through a revitalized Central Medford High School and providing multiple roads to graduation for all students. 
  • Improving the student experience by working with schools on instructional strategies that engage students in the classroom.

“It takes all of us to support our students owning their present and future. Thank you for your contribution to their success. The work continues, and I’m thrilled that, as #OneMSD, we will continue it together” said Superintendent Bret Champion.

Source: MSD549C