Missing Eagle Point Teen Considered Endangered

Earlier today, the family of the missing teen reported that he was home and safe. The family also thanked those who helped search for the teen. No additional information was released at this time.

The missing teens family posted the following on social media this morning.
Mason has still not been located. For privacy reasons the family will not be making public why he is listed endangered but please know this is a real concern and law enforcement agencies have this information. If people around the area he was last seen in have cameras and can review to see if Mason was in that area on 1-19-2023 after 4 PM might tell us who he was with which would be very helpful in locating him any information you can give to the family and law enforcement would be helpful. Thank you to everyone who has been sharing and looking. Especially to the Eagle Point Police Department and to Jackson County Search and Rescue your help has been outstanding Eagle Point Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for a missing teenager that they say is considered endangered.

14 year old Mason Mak is 5ft 8in, 122 lbs, and has dirty blonde hair. Mason was last seen at Eagle Point High by his father and staff at 4:05pm.

Mason’s last phone pinged in the area of Old Waverly Way at approximately 4:30pm. His phone has been off since then.

Please contact Eagle Point Police or dial 911 if seen as authorities say any information will be useful in locating him. Case #23-356

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