Multiple Dead Animals Discovered at Rogue River House

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) deputies and Jackson County Animal Services Animal Control officers responded to a residence yesterday afternoon for a report of a sick dog in the front yard. Upon arrival, deputies and Animal Control officers discovered a diseased, neglected dog in the yard and two deceased dogs nearby in the same condition.

Due to the severity of the dogs’ condition, a search warrant was sought and granted for the property on the 6600 block of East Evans Creek Road in Rural Rogue River. Upon entry into the house, JCSO deputies and Animal Control officers discovered 10 more dogs suffering from the same condition. The dogs were diseased, malnourished, and close to death. Living inside the residence were also 10 exotic birds in cages, and at least six cats. Outside of the residence investigators discovered a dead cat and a cage with six pigeons. JCSO deputies, Animal Control officers, Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers, a Community Services Deputy, and a local veterinarian employee rescued a total of 32 animals from the property.

The suspects, Michael Lee Hamilton, 71, and Debbie Lee Hamilton, 61, both of Rogue River, were charged with three counts of first-degree animal abuse, and 10 counts of second-degree animal abuse. This case is under further investigation.

All of the animals were surrendered by the owner on scene. The exotic birds were housed overnight at the Jackson County Animal Shelter and were transferred to several local bird rescues today.

The dogs were all examined at Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center this morning and a treatment plan was initiated for each dog.

All of the living dogs will be transferred to the Oregon Humane Society where they will receive extensive medical care and rehabilitation.

Jackson County Animal Services remarks they are thankful for the support of the rescue community that has allowed these animals to quickly start their journey toward recovery.

Source: JCSO


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