Medford Police Confirm Bear in Eastside Neighborhood

This is a developing incident. Medford Alert will continue to monitor and update as new information becomes available. Scroll to the bottom of the article for the latest updates.

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Late Saturday night, Medford Police (MPD) units were dispatched to the 3000 block of E. McAndrews for a report of a bear sighting. Upon arrival, officers canvased the area for the animal but did not find it.

About twenty minutes later, an officer was alerted by a resident that they believed the bear was in a nearby backyard. Several MPD units quickly arrived on the 1300 block of Brook Court to search for the bear.

Area of Bear Sighting

As officers searched for signs of the bear in a residential backyard, another officer heard the animal in an adjacent yard. Police were quick to warn nearby residents about the threat.

The bear was located in a tree in the backyard of a home in the neighborhood. Police estimate the bear to be young and approximately 200lbs. Wildlife Troopers were called to assist in relocating the animal but were delayed. Police confirmed the bear was in the tree by shining bright lights on the animal.

At about 11p, Medford Police reported that they were giving the bear “space and time” in order to help facilitate it leaving on its own. However, MPD says they will continue to monitor the situation tonight and into the morning for safety.

Courtesy of MPD

Authorities warn residents in the area to bring pets inside and remove any potential food the bear can access outside.

10/9 UPDATE: Medford Police report they are continuing to monitor the bear as it moves east. MPD says the animal has not demonstrated any signs of aggression at this time.