Yeti Fire Reaches 79% Containment, Alex Fire Increases to 90%

Yeti Fire: Minimal heat remains along the perimeter of the fire as crews continue to mop up and add depth to cool containment lines. Active overnight patrols encountered no issues on their final night shift.

Firefighter Working a Wildfire in Siskiyou County

Today, firefighters will continue to seek out any lingering heat in stump holes and heavy logs that could threaten the lines, particularly along the fire’s southwest edge from the Four Corners intersection west along Joe Miles Ridge Road and down to the Klamath River.

Suppression repair is 80% complete on indirect lines as crews work with archeological and cultural resource advisors to install water bars to minimize erosion and take other measures to reduce the impact of dozer lines. 

Alex Fire: Firefighters have encountered little to no heat along the perimeter. Crews will monitor and patrol today.

Weather: Conditions remain warm and dry with light winds. With no rain for the past 30 days and extremely dry vegetation, the danger of new fires remains high. Residents and visitors are asked to use caution, remain vigilant and report any wildfires to the appropriate emergency authorities.

Yeti Fire: 7886 acres and 79% containment.

Alex Fire: 151 acres and 90% containment.

Total Personnel (both fires): 694
Crews, 15. Engines, 32. Dozers, 6. Water tenders, 12. Helicopters, 2.

First responder injuries: 2. First responder fatalities: 0

Structures threatened: 336. Structures damaged/destroyed: 0