98 Unit Apartment Project Proposed Next to North Medford High School

The City of Medford Planning Department is scheduled to review an in-fill proposal for a long vacant area just north of North Medford High School.

The developers are requesting to build a multi-family development (98 units) on two parcels, totaling 4.93 acres in size. This site is fronted by N Keene Way Drive to the west and will have pedestrian access to Roberts Road to the north. The site is within the MFR-30 (Multiple Family Residential – 20 to 30 units per gross acre).

This project, currently called “Prescott Gardens”, adds to the already increasing number of proposals and current construction in the NE Medford area.

This is the first step in the eventual approval or denial process. We will continue to update this project as it move through the city channels.

Courtesy of City of Medford