New Mural Planned for Another Downtown Building

The City of Medford Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission will review a proposed wall mural location at 36 S Riverside located within the Commercial/Central Business District/Historic Preservation Overlay zoning area.

Previous longtime tenant by of the building

According to the 1995 Survey of Historic and Cultural Resources, the subject building was constructed as the new home of the Witham Super Service Station in the fall of 1928 and was titled ‘one of the most modern establishments of its kind in Oregon’ by the Medford Mail Tribune.

The Witham Super Service Station building and land were long owned by Belle and Edward Warner, a prominent merchant in Medford, who leased it to various occupants, including the Witham’s. After Witham’s moved, the building was rented to various automobile related businesses, consistent with the “Automobile Row” tradition of this section of Riverside. The building is now occupied by ‘Mother Earth Medicines’, a cannabis dispensary.

The property owner proposes to paint a mural on the south side and interior west-facing side of the Witham Service Station’ building in downtown Medford. Per the applicant, the mural will be painted by a profession muralist.

If approved, work on the mural could begin immediately, weather permitting. A number of murals have appeared around the downtown area in the past few years, as the city looks to artistically enhance many downtown building surfaces.

Courtesy of City of Medford

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