Ashland Included in List of DMV Locations to Temporarily Close

Staff shortages at Oregon DMV offices are forcing DMV officials to temporarily reduce business hours at 10 of its 60 field offices and temporarily close six smaller offices.

Authorities recommend going online to DMV2U more than ever. Oregon DMV has added over two dozen services in the past three years.

Some services, like adding the Real ID option to your license, must be done in person. Before you go to DMV, make sure your local office is open and find their current hours of operation.

Starting May 31, DMV will temporarily close these offices so that remaining staff can reinforce larger nearby offices: Ashland, Cave Junction, Lebanon, Redmond, Sandy, and Stayton.

Temporary office closures

Lately, the DMV has been closing offices – without notice – across the state when they don’t have enough staff that day. The DMV says they need to stabilize staffing so customers are able to know ahead of time which offices are open. Officials say as they recruit and train new employees, they will work to reopen offices and restore full business hours. This process could take several months.

DMV has been experiencing the same shortage of applicants for job openings as other employers statewide and nationwide. The people working at your local DMV live in your community – and could use your help!

Apply for a job at ODOT today by visiting – select “Department of Transportation” under the company menu.

In the meantime, DMV officials ask that you please be kind and patient to your local DMV staff – they are your neighbors, friends and maybe even family.

Courtesy of DMV OREGON

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