City of Medford to Conduct Citizen Alert Test

In preparation of fire season, the City of Medford will conduct a Citizen Alert notification test for each evacuation zone on Thursday, May 19 starting at 10 a.m.

The test will only be sent to individuals who have registered in the system. The notification will include specific evacuation zone information for each registered user based off account details. Click here to sign up or review a Citizen Alert account.

Assistance will be available for individuals who have questions about Citizen Alert and/or did not receive a test notification on the May 19 test day. Residents can call 541-774-2320 or email  for assistance with your Citizen Alert account.

The City encourages all residents to sign up for Citizen Alert. If you are signed up for Citizen Alert please make sure your information is up-to-date and note the following:

  • This test will only reach individuals who are currently signed up for Citizen Alert within Medford evacuation zones.
  • Test alerts will specify the evacuation zone that individuals have identified at the time of signing up for Citizen Alert. Individuals are able to specify five addresses for notifications (home, work, school, etc.).
  • Residents are encouraged to review their information in Citizen Alert and make sure everything is up-to-date prior to the May 19 test.
  • Add Citizen Alert to your contacts! Add the following phone numbers to your phone’s contacts so you know when you are receiving an alert from the City of Medford or Jackson County. 541-897-8556 and 88911 (text message).

For more information on evacuation zones and to sign up for or update your Citizen Alert account, click here.

Courtesy of the City of Medford

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