Firefighters Continue to Work Three-Alarm Fire in South Medford

Crews are still on scene working this fire. Here is what is known at this time.

The call came in just after 9:30 last night, and the fire originated at or near a fuel service and storage location in South Medford, which contains large amounts of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products stored in above ground and underground tanks. Fire quickly advanced to a third alarm.

The fuel-fire generated a substantial amount of heat, and the fire moved quickly in a northern direction and destroyed four or more buildings that included several businesses.

The primary focus in an event like this is containing the fire and also containing runaway fuels on the ground and runoff from fire streams.

While the amount of personnel on the scene has reduced, the total resources allocated included the assistance of six partner fire agencies, 50 firefighters, two ladder trucks, over 10 engines, and the great help from other agencies including Medford Police, Public Works, Pacific power, Avista, and others. MPD and Medford Fire are actively investigating potential causes of the fire.

Large sections of the road system have been isolated and closed in the area, including Central and Riverside between 10th Street and Barnett road.

Officials ask the public to remain away from the area and look for detour signs that will be posted to help keep traffic moving through town.

Public utilities are out in certain sections of the city, but work is underway to restore these utilities as quickly as possible.

This is a developing incident, additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Courtesy of MFD

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