Medford DMV Seeing Long Lines Due to Staffing Shortage

Lines are long at the Medford DMV office, and employees are working twice as hard to serve the community – the office is down to half its usual staffing.

“We are down to six or seven employees available on most days at the Medford office, when the normal level is about 14,” DMV Administrator Amy Joyce said. “We have multiple job openings advertised for that office, and very few people are applying.”

Officials say it’s hard to find employees for all types of businesses these days, not just DMV, and not just the Medford office.

“We can only ask for your patience as we try to fill those positions and train the new hires,” Joyce said. “So it’s worth saying now that if you need a job or know someone in the Medford area who does, please consider applying or recommending it to a friend.”

“While we work hard to serve the Medford area and recruit new employees, we ask for your patience with our hard-working staff,” Joyce said. “And we can recommend a few ways to get people what they need from DMV.”

Tips for getting DMV services

  • Before you go to an office, check to see if you can get what you need online. In most cases, you can renew your driver license or vehicle tags – two of the most common services. There are over two dozen services available now on DMV2U.
  • You do not need an appointment for any DMV service but a drive test, but expect long wait times. Before you go, check for current business hours. Please be patient when you visit. Sometimes we cannot serve all customers who visit that day. Check Medford DMV business hours here.
  • Drive test appointments fill up fast, especially this time of year when teens are getting their first license. So please consider taking a drive test with an approved Oregon testing company. It does cost more than a drive test at DMV, but you may get an appointment sooner – and maybe on an evening or weekend. DMV keeps a list of approved third-party test providers here

If you travel by air, make sure you have the right ID

DMV has one other recommendation: Consider getting the Real ID option when you renew your license or ID card.

Starting in May 2023, you will need a Real ID-compliant form of ID for all flights such as a Real ID-compliant driver license, a passport, passport card or U.S. military ID. If you don’t have any of these types of ID or other options listed at, consider getting Real ID when you renew your license.

To make sure you have all you need for Real ID, create your own checklist of documents you’ll need to bring to DMV with our online tool at

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