As It Happens: Almond St Vehicle vs. Person Crash

Here is the raw media recap of the earlier vehicle vs pedestrian crash on Almond Street, just east of downtown Medford. This is a developing story, we are awaiting official information regarding this incident.

Medford Alert was first on scene just as Medford Fire and Mercy were leaving. The scene was being transitioned over to the Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction (STAR) team. The multi-agency team is activated to investigate serious/fatal crashes and accidents.

Currently, we know that one individual was transported, with serious injuries, to a Medford area trauma center. One person was being questioned by Police at the scene. Law enforcement is treating this as a criminal investigation at this time.

The first call came at 12:14p, MPD, MFD, and one Mercy unit were dispatched to the scene.

Location of crash

When we arrived, police had a perimeter up and were keeping everyone far from the scene.

The suspects vehicle was heavily damaged in the front as the bumper had been torn off, presumably by the impact.

We believe that the victim was either walking with a bike or riding one, when hit.

This is raw footage as police investigated the scene.

A witness has stated he believes this to be a road rage incident between the man with the bike and the driver. He said he saw the entire incident. Unconfirmed at this time by officials.

Once officials provide information on this crash, we will update. At this time, we do not know the condition of the victim, or if anyone has been arrested in connection with the crash. No further details available at this time.

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