Stewart Market Plans to Rebuild and Expand After 2021 Fire

These are the links to our live coverages of the fire at the Stewart Market as it took place on August 29, 2021.

The Medford Planning Commission will soon consider plans for a three-phase commercial development. With the subject request, the applicant is requesting to develop Phase I with the construction of a 4,060 square foot convenience store (replacing the previous convenience store destroyed by fire). The site consists of a single parcel totaling 1.3 acres, and is located at the corner of Lozier Lane and Stewart Avenue.

This is how the project was described by the applicant:

We believe the property owner will be required to dedicate a significant amount land as public right-of way along both Stewart and Lozier, it is not possible to reconstruct the convenience store in the same location as it was before the fire. Therefore, the property owner is taking this opportunity to replan the site in a more efficient manner and place the convenience store in a different location on the property.

The owner is proposing a three phased project that will include the immediate rebuilding of the convenience store, expanded to approximately 4,000 sf. Phase II will see the construction of a fueling island with 4 to 5 pumps and a canopy. Phase III will see the construction of additional retail on the north end of the site. Accordingly, the Owner is requesting a five-year approval for a phased development. The entire site will be reconfigured, with a new access from Lozier. The existing access from Stewart Avenue will be retained, as will an existing storage building located along the east property line. Two existing driveways on Lozier will be removed. The existing parking lot will be reconfigured.

If approved, the site is shovel ready and construction could begin as early as spring.

Courtesy of The City of Medford