City Approves $75 Million Rogue X Price Budget

The Medford City Council approved an amendment to the contract with Pence Construction for the Rogue Credit Union Community Complex (Rogue X). The guaranteed maximum price for the new sports and event complex will be $66,712,536, not including owner-carried expenses.

Conceptual Design of Rogue X

According to Pence, the cost of construction materials alone has increased $7.3 million since June 2020, including unprecedented increases in steel, wood, concrete, HVAC, and electrical supplies. As a result, the total cost to build the Rogue X, including the outdoor splash pad, is $75,781,036, which is $15.18 million higher than the 2019 cost estimate — a 25 percent cost escalation caused or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The City has identified funding to complete the project with all originally planned recreational space dimensions (event center, natatorium, outdoor splash pad) without additional taxes, fees or charges to residents. Additionally, the City was able to secure lower interest rates than was originally projected which will save the City $29 million in interest expenses over the life of the project.

“Despite the cost escalation challenges we’ve experienced with this project, we’ve identified funding solutions that will not impose additional charges to our residents,” said Brian Sjothun, City Manager. “We understand the value this facility will provide for our community and the recreational opportunities it will bring.”

The project’s event center and aquatics area size addresses community deficiencies identified in the Leisure Services Plan and accomplishes an action item in the Medford 2040 Community Vision which was created based on community input.

Pence will commence above-ground construction by March 15, 2022 with substantial completion of the building by August 1, 2023 and final completion by September 15, 2023.

The Latest Fly-through of the Rogue X

Courtesy of The City of Medford


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