Man Arrested and Charged in Over 70 Graffiti Cases

Police say this one arrest clears over 70 active graffiti cases in the city.

Photo From a 2021 MPD Graffiti Clean Up

Many residents have reached out to Medford Police after noticing graffiti all over the city, and MPD has determined that one person, Shylo Ramirez, was responsible for approximately half of the cases.

Shylo Ramirez, 24, is no stranger to law enforcement and police have previously arrested him in August 2021, for criminal mischief involving several other graffiti cases.

On Sunday, January 23rd, Shylo was arrested again for his involvement in approximately 70 recent cases. He remains in custody on $150,000 bail.

Jackson County Jail Info on Ramirez

Based off his previous 2021 arrest, Police say he has used the tags: Dreamer, Lyric, Drmr, and Lady Dreamer.

Graffiti is not only a hassle to the property owner, but it invites more crime into the area with the perception that “no one cares,” says Medford Police.

Police say if you’ve become a victim of graffiti, file a police report and get it removed as soon as possible.

Authorities stress we all need to help keep our community clean and safe. The Medford Police Department say they will continue to aggressively investigate and arrest suspects for graffiti.

Courtesy of MPD

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