CPPD Teams With TCF to Hand Out Weather Resource Bags

Last week, CPPD SRO Mannenbach worked with members of the Trail Christian FellowshipChurch to address the occasional needs of individuals officers come into contact with.

They identified specific needs related to extreme weather conditions and purchased items to create resource bags. These bags are kept in the patrol cars for officers to give out when needed.

Each bag contains a beanie, four pairs of shoes (two sets in different sizes for both men and women), two jackets (in styles/sizes for men and women), and ponchos.

The intention is if there is someone that is walking around barefoot, an officer can provide them with shoes; if someone is in very cold weather and not electing to go to a warming shelter, an officer can provide a jacket and a beanie to help keep them warm; and if someone is caught in a rainstorm, the officer can provide a poncho for better protection.

The Central Point Police would like to thank Trail Christian Fellowship for the generous donation and to SRO Mannenbach for turning this idea of better serving the citizens, into a reality.

Courtesy of CPPD