Fire District 3 Conducts Target Hazard Tours

All FD3 engine companies went through a Target Hazard Tour this week at Boise Cascade – White City Veneer.

These tours are coordinated with local businesses and entities that could be considered high or extreme risk in the event of a fire or major safety hazard.

The “risks” can be due to the number of employees,
environmental concerns, the economic and strategic impact on our communities, as well as other specific hazard concerns. They are intended to help crews during emergency situations and allow fire personnel to get to know the safety officers at the businesses to coordinate response with them.

Doing a combined walkthrough that involves both fire crews as well as the employees provides everyone with the opportunity to become familiar with a building’s layout, know the evacuation routes, learn where the hazards are, and gain insights now (under normal working conditions) as opposed to trying to learn those things when arriving at a fire as a situation is unfolding.

If you are a business located inside Fire District 3 and have elements of the high hazards listed above
related to possible future fire events, reach out to the Fire and Life Safety Division at (541) 826-7100 to look into participating in a tour.

Courtesy of FD3

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