RVTD Route & Amenities Update

On September 13th RVTD will welcome back the Route 21(North Medford) and the popular 1X Express, traveling between Medford and Ashland with 5 convenient stops in 30 minutes.

RVTD will also begin offering passengers free Wi-Fi on all buses this fall! The goal is to make the riding experience comfortable and productive. An innovative feature will also be available this fall for those wishing to avoid crowds on buses: While using the Transit app, passengers can see real-time crowding levels enabling them to know what to expect when boarding or be able to choose a different time to ride.

Worried about riding transit?

Early in the pandemic, everyone was worried about getting sick from doorknobs and cardboard boxes and joggers on the street. That made public transit a superspreader nightmare, right?

Well, no. Today, we know more about how the virus actually spreads. The evidence has been mounting that public transit — where buses and trains are ventilated, people are wearing masks, and most riders don’t linger, talk loudly or eat — is not nearly as risky as it was once feared. RVTD continue to maintain regular cleaning and sanitation on all buses and passengers are required to wear face mask on board the bus.

RVTD wants the public to consider transit as a viable option for getting to hair appointments, to a new job, to reach SOU or RCC or just to visit a friend. RVTD will continue doing the part of providing a convenient and clean service. So, when you are ready RVTD will be ready. “We are here to get you there.”

This information was provided by RVTD.

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