Ashland Police Update on Almeda Fire Investigation

Tomorrow, September 8, 2021, marks the one-year anniversary of the Almeda Fire. The Almeda Fire claimed three lives and destroyed over two thousand structures. Since the Almeda Fire occurred, the Ashland Police Department has investigated its cause in conjunction with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the Oregon State Police and the Medford Police, and in consultation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

As of now a suspect has not been identified. The Ashland Police Department, along with its partner agencies, will continue to work toward solving this crime.

Like other major cases, this case is not considered “closed” and won’t be until it is seen to full resolution. The case remains open pending more information becoming available.

Throughout this investigation the Ashland Police Department has been assisted by 18 law enforcement agencies from Oregon, Washington, California and Alabama. Over 200 people have been interviewed and multiple polygraph examinations have been conducted. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Ashland Police Department.

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