Census Releases Official Metro City Population Totals.

Downtown Medford

The US Census Bureau continues to gradually release data from the official 2020 Census. Not all metro cities have available data at this time. However, here are the official population totals for most of the cities in our area.

Medford: 85,824. That’s an increase of 10,917 people between 2010-2020.

Ashland: 21,360. That’s an increase of 580 people between 2010-2020. Ashland has always been very selective of their growth so this minimally slight increase comes as no surprise.

Central Point: 18,997. That’s an increase of 1,828 people between 2010-2020. This, most likely, will be the last census before Central Point overtakes Ashland as the second largest city in our metro.

Eagle Point: 9686. That’s an increase of 1,217 people between 2010-2020.

White City: 9090. That’s an increase of 1,115 people between 2010-2020.

Talent: 6282. That’s an increase of 216 people between 2010-2020.

Jackson County (Medford Metro): 223,259. That’s an increase of 20,053 people between 2010-2020.

As more detailed information is released, including metro demographics and unreleased city populations, we will update.

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