Southern Oregon Humane Society Proposes New Facility in North Medford

The Southern Oregon Humane Society (SoHumane), has unveiled plans for a significant upgrade and relocation to north Medford, near the Rogue Valley Expressway.

Currently situated at the same location on Table Rock Road for the past 95 years, SoHumane has decided that it’s time to embark on a new journey towards a state-of-the-art facility that will better cater to the animals in their care. The driving force behind this decision is the pressing need for more space, as their current operation has outgrown its existing location.

The proposed new location promises a larger facility, providing significantly better opportunities for the animals. Moreover, the staff will have the option to offer more supervised outdoor activities on-site, eliminating the need to take dogs for walks in surrounding neighborhoods and along busy roads.

Here’s a summary of SoHumane’s current operational characteristics:


  • Approximately 25 total SoHumane employees, including 8 to 10 full-time positions.
  • A team of around 350 active volunteers who assist as needed.


  • Open to the public daily from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
  • Caring for an average of 30-40 dogs, along with up to 75 adult cats and kittens at any given time.
  • SoHumane finds forever homes for approximately 1,300 animals each year.
  • The average stay for dogs is 16 days, and for cats, it’s 24 days.
  • Currently employs one full-time veterinarian (Monday – Thursday), with plans to hire a second at the new facility.
  • Offers numerous educational opportunities and programs for kids, both on-site and at off-site locations.

The project is seeking a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the operation of an animal adoption facility with reduced kennel setbacks. The proposed site comprises two contiguous vacant parcels, totaling approximately 4.08 acres (4.33 gross acres). It’s located on the north side of Commerce Drive, immediately east of the Rogue Valley Expressway.

This new kennel facility will mark a fresh beginning for SoHumane, which has been based at its Table Rock Road facility for 95 years. While their current facility has been successful in fulfilling their mission of rescuing, sheltering, and finding homes for dogs and cats, it’s no longer sufficient to meet their spatial needs.

To address concerns commonly associated with kennels, such as odor, noise, and waste disposal, SoHumane has enlisted the assistance of Shelter Planners of America, a renowned architect specializing in animal shelter design. The kennels are designed to minimize potential impacts on surrounding properties.

Additionally, the site will feature perimeter fencing, with the exception of the driveway and public parking areas, as an added measure to prevent animals from accidentally leaving the property.

The City of Medford will reviews the plans at their October 4th, Planning meeting.

Medford Alert has reached out to SoHumane regarding this project. As of the publication of this article, we are awaiting a response.

Source: City of Medford/ SoHumane

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