Internet and Phone Discounts Available for Qualifying Oregon Residents

In honor of National Lifeline Awareness Week, the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) is making sure Oregonians are well-informed about the Lifeline program. Lifeline, a federal and state government initiative, aims to bridge the digital divide by offering discounted or free phone and high-speed internet services to eligible low-income households.

Under the Oregon Lifeline program, eligible households can benefit from a monthly discount of up to $15.25 for phone service or $19.25 per month for high-speed internet service through participating service providers. Additionally, Lifeline provides free wireless voice minutes and data service through Access Wireless, where coverage is available. Oregon residents residing on federally recognized Tribal lands may qualify for an extra $25 discount each month.

Megan Decker, Chair of the PUC, encourages eligible Oregonians to take full advantage of these services, emphasizing the importance of staying connected with family and friends, as well as gaining access to crucial local emergency services, healthcare, job opportunities, education, and other vital resources. Lifeline plays a pivotal role in ensuring that low-income households are not left behind in the digital age.

To qualify for the Oregon Lifeline program, residents must be receiving benefits from select public assistance programs such as Medicaid or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It’s important to note that the program is limited to one person per household, whether it’s for discounted or free service.

For those seeking further information or looking to apply for the Oregon Lifeline program, they can contact 800-848-4442 on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Alternatively, comprehensive details can be found online at

National Lifeline Awareness Week serves as a reminder of the essential Lifeline program and its role in promoting digital inclusion and connectivity for low-income families. Oregonians are urged to explore these valuable resources and ensure that every household has the opportunity to stay connected in today’s digital world.

Source: OPUC

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