Grass Fire in Phoenix Brought Under Control by Local Fire Crews

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Jackson County Fire District 5 (JCFD5) sprang into action as they received reports of a grass fire in the vicinity of Dano Drive, Phoenix. The incident unfolded shortly before 4 am, prompting a coordinated response from firefighting units.

Upon their arrival at the scene, JCFD5 crews assessed the situation and estimated the initial size of the fire to be approximately 1 acre, situated within a field between Houston Road and the Dano subdivision. Recognizing the potential danger, additional resources were promptly summoned to bolster the firefighting efforts.

The call for assistance was answered by various local firefighting agencies, including Medford Fire, ODF Southwest Oregon District, and Ashland Fire. Their combined efforts proved crucial in containing the blaze, which had expanded to cover an area of 7 acres by the time the forward progress of the fire was successfully halted.

Incident command remained engaged throughout the operation, strategically directing firefighting units until the situation was deemed stable. Units began to be released from the scene around 8 am, signifying a milestone in the battle against the flames.

The incident highlighted the collaborative nature of emergency response services. While the fire was initially dispatched as falling under the jurisdiction of JCFD5, further assessment determined that it was situated within the coverage area of Medford Rural Fire District 2. This prompted a seamless transition of responsibility, as Medford Fire, operating under an intergovernmental agreement, assumed control and provided essential services to the affected region.

The precise cause of the grass fire remains under investigation, with crews working to uncover any relevant information. Throughout the day, thorough checks for lingering hotspots were conducted to ensure that the area remained secure.

Jackson County Fire District 5 expressed their gratitude to all the partner agencies involved for their rapid response to the incident. Their collaborative efforts undoubtedly played a pivotal role in preventing further escalation and safeguarding the local community.

Source: JCFD5

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