Oregon Firefighters Rescue 14-Year Old Dog From Storm Drain

Last Friday, Portland Fire crews were dispatched on to a confined space rescue at SE 9th Ave and SE Lambert St. Environmental services was on scene, they had removed a man hole cover to inspect the storm drains below when unsuspecting 14 year old Labrador retriever named Tess walked over and didn’t see the opening and fell 23’ to the bottom.

Several crews were on scene including the technical rescue team. They set up and used a piece of equipment called an Arizona Vortex which allows for quick deployment of a rescuer from a high point.

It provided the team with an anchor point to lower a firefighter down to the dog. Once the rescuer reached the dog they were able to put a harness around it and hoist it out.

The dog was uninjured and able to return home to its owners.

Source: PPB

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