Hamrick Road Area Construction Expected to Finish By April

Contractor, Knife River Materials, is continuing work at this busy intersection with work expected to be completed by April 2023.

Work includes new signal configurations in several directions to help traffic flow more efficiently and will include dedicated left turn movements for Hamrick Road traffic as well as a dedicated right turn receiving lane for Hamrick Road traffic headed toward Central Point.

Due to various stages of improvements, use caution and slow down when navigating this area during construction.

Upcoming phases of this project include some paving work near the end of February, followed by nighttime signal work in early March and nightime paving in mid-late March.

Some of this work is weather dependant and could be slightly delayed, however the project is now coming into phases which are more obvious to notice. In the end, this project will be a significant improvement over the current conditions with fresh pavement, new signal phases and even a brand new lane added for part of the intersection.

This project is a combined effort between Jackson County partners and the City of Central Point.

Source: JaCo Roads

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