JCSO K9 Remco Retires After Eight Years of Service

K9 Remco is a Belgian Malinois imported from the Netherlands where he was trained in the protection sport of Shutzhund prior to becoming a police dog. Remco is a single purpose K9 certified in patrol work including human tracking, evidence collection, and criminal apprehension.

K9 Remco has been partnered with JCSO Corporal Hohi since March 2015 after he was selected over dozens of other police dogs from Adlerhorst International in Southern California. Corporal Hohl and K9 Remco then completed a six-week basic K9 course in Eugene and have since attended hundreds of hours of training together to include multiple working conferences, tracking courses, high-risk deployment courses, a supervisor course, and a SWAT/K9 integration course. Remco was also JCSO’s demonstration K9 participating in dozens of school and community events.

During eight years working together, the K9 team of Remco and Corporal Hohl was responsible for well over 100 captures, 20 physical apprehensions, and locating three missing persons including a young child. Remco was the first SWAT integrated K9 assisting JCSO SWAT in numerous operations. His presence and success was the catalyst in growing the JCSO K9 program from two patrol dogs to four.

K9 Remco is described as a level-headed, fun-loving dog who was very serious about his work. In Remco’s well-deserved retirement he is going to live with Corporal Hohl and his family. Remco has big retirement plans to include hiking Southern Oregon, swimming in local lakes, and his favorite activity: hanging out by the pool with his family.

Source: JCSO

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