Outdoor Expansion Planned for Downtown Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Southern Oregon (formerly Kid Time), is proposing an expansion of outdoor facilities at their downtown Medford campus.

A new “leaning pavilion” is slated to be built on the grounds of the historic former Carnegie Library.

The learning pavilion will be smaller than the Carnegie Building and set towards its back so as not to destroy the focal point of the subject property. It will also be constructed of natural, local materials so as to blend it into the surroundings and not destroy the historic integrity of the subject property. Planners say this will help differentiate it from the historic building but also ensure its compatibility. As a result, the applicant says it is compatible with the historical and architectural style.

The Carnegie Public Library in downtown Medford is of historic significance as it is a well preserved building of mostly brick in the area, and is a good example of “Neo-Classic Revival” architecture. It was one of the larger Carnegie Public Libraries of signiticance built in Oregon. It is also one of the few buildings constructed in its era that is not changed in appearance from the original structure, except for the addition on the back. It is the oldest public-owned building that has been in constant use in downtown Medford. The library was one of the most valuable gifts that Medford received in early pioneer days.

If approved, the construction of the pavilion may begin as early as Spring 2023. Medford Alert will continue to monitor this project and provide updates when available.

Source: City of Medford / Terrain Landscape Architecture

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