Northern Oregon High School Put on Lock-down After Threat

On Friday June 10th, at approximately 1:44 pm, Milwaukie Police responded to Milwaukie High School after an anonymous threat of violence was called into the school. Milwaukie High School and the surrounding Milwaukie elementary schools and middle school were placed on lock-down as a precaution.

Milwaukie Police Officers entered and checked the high school for potential threats and determined the students and staff were not in any immediate danger. The lock-down of Milwaukie schools was lifted and school schedules resumed as normal.

At the request of school staff, Milwaukie Police maintained an elevated presence on the High School campus until the end of the school day. 

The Milwaukie Police SRO and Detectives later determined the anonymous threat to be the result of a “Swatting” call. Swatting is a prank call made to bring many armed emergency services to a specific location. 

Milwaukie Police identified a 17-year-old Milwaukie High Student, as a suspect. The student had a friend, whom they contacted through the social media platform “Discord”, make the threatening phone call. The caller is not believed to live in the United States.

The student is being charged with Disorderly Conduct and Menacing. 

This incident is still under investigation.

Courtesy of Milwaukie PD