ODF: May is Wildfire Awareness Month

May is Wildfire Awareness Month and a great reminder to prioritize the safety of your home and neighborhood.

ODF reminds everyone that we live in a very beautiful part of Southern Oregon, however, it’s also a very fire-prone landscape. Between the climate, topography and vegetation types, it’s the perfect storm for wildfires to start and spread.

The good news is; there are things we all can do as communities, neighborhoods and landowners to help prevent wildfires from starting, and protect our homes in the event of one.

Creating Defensible Space of 30-100 feet around your house can make a huge difference if firefighters need to defend it from a wildfire:

• Clean out gutters

• Remove dead or dying plants

• Create firebreaks with rock or non-flammable materials

• Keep lawns watered, green and mowed

• Remove flammable substances like gasoline, paint or other chemicals

• Stack firewood away from your home

By doing this work ahead of fire season, ODF officials say we can all help prevent wildfires and create resilient communities.

Couture of ODF