Portland Group Causes Significant Damage During Gathering

A group caused significant damage in North Portland, including broken windows, graffiti, and an arson fire at North Precinct. 

On Saturday, April 16, 2022 at about 8:00p.m. a group gathered in Peninsula Park, 700 North Rosa Parks Way. About 9:00p.m., members of the group began to march. Some suspects vandalized a coffee shop in the 6000 block of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, including breaking windows and launching explosive devices at the building. A bank in the 5700 block of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was defaced with graffiti. Another bank, also in the 5700 block of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, had its windows broken. Three bus shelters were damaged.

The group made its way to Portland Police North Precinct, where one or more suspects started an arson fire in a dumpster. Officers responded and tried to put out the flames with fire extinguishers, but were unsuccessful. Portland Fire and Rescue responded to fully extinguish the flames. Numerous street signs were also scrawled with graffiti.

No arrests were immediately made, but police say the investigation is continuing. Police did not give any specific details about the group or reason for the initial march.

Courtesy of PPB

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