84 Unit, 3D Printed “Prototype Community” Planned for West Medford

The City of Medford will consider a request to revise the approved Preliminary Plan for Phases 4 and 5 of the West Meadows Village PUD to allow the construction of 84 single family detached units and community center building.

The applicant proposes private streets and modifications to minimum lot area, maximum lot
coverage, minimum lot width, minimum depth, and minimum lot frontage. The application includes a request for tentative plat approval of New Spirit Village Subdivision Phases 1 and 2, a 19-lot
subdivision located on a portion of West Meadows Village Phases 4 and 5. The project site contains two parcels totaling approximately 6.02 acres located on the northeasterly corner of Lozier Lane and Meadows Lane and is within the MFR-20 (Multiple-Family Residential, 20 dwelling units per gross acre).

New Spirit Village is an innovative, not-for-profit development intended to create a prototype community of 84 permanent, affordable, owner occupied, fire-resistant homes in west Medford that will address the concerns of low-cost housing and multi generational financial inequity.

Developers say that priority for ownership will be given to families who lost their homes in the Almeda & Obenchain Wildfires and have still not found adequate, affordable housing. This neighborhood will include a Community Center with multi-use facilities & childcare, an outdoor play area & community gardens, and direct connections to the adjacent Lewis Park. In addition, there will be a resident facilitator living on site.

The project has been designed with input from an advisory group composed of a wide variety of over 15 social service organizations and state agencies that support this project. Several agencies, organizations, and individuals, such as United Way, Oregon Community Foundation, Pacific Corp. Foundation, The Thalden Foundation, and the Betsy Priddy Fund have already donated $1,260,000 in grants for the project. In addition Evergreen Federal Bank has committed $3.3 million in initial construction financing. Officials say that this partnership model of community-based design will hopefully serve as a replicable model for new housing construction across the country.

Developers boast that New Spirit Village incorporates 22nd Century ideas and technologies like 3D concrete printed walls, insulated windows, fire-resistant roof and structure, and super-efficient heating & air conditioning systems.

If approved, construction could begin as early a summer 2022.

Courtesy of City of Medford

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