2/12/22 Metro COVID Vaccination Update

Here are the latest vaccination figures and data from the Oregon Health Association, for the Medford Metro (Jackson County).

134,852 total people have had at least one COVID vaccination dose. This is out of the total overall metro population of 223,259 people

11,129 series are currently in progress (one dose).

123,723 series are complete (fully vaccinated).

There have been 311,503 total doses administered in the metro.

175,673 Pfizer doses have been given.

122,745 Moderna doses have been given.

11,939 Johnson & Johnson doses have been given.

While 1,146 dose are classified as unspecified.

For the OHA “Eligible Population” (18+ years).

The metro is currently at a 68.9% vaccination rate.

123,605 individuals, out of the “eligible population” of 179,522 have had at least one dose.

20,013 people remain needed to get at least one dose in order to hit the states goal of 80% of “eligible population” being vaccinated.

This data is accurate as of today, 2/12/2022

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