Man Taken Into Custody After Lighting Own Apartment on Fire

This is a developing story. The following media is the raw footage Medford Alert took of the incident as it happened.

At approximately 7:11p, ECSO received a 911 call from a man who claimed to have ignited his own apartment on fire. This was a multi-tenant complex located on the 700 block of Royal Ave in north-central Medford.

Seven Medford Fire units initially responded to the scene but were unable to access the fire due to security concerns.

The caller stated he was suicidal and there were concerns of previous threats he had made towards first responders, dispatchers relayed. Authorities believed the man to possibly be experiencing a mental health event.

Once Medford Police units arrived on scene, they immediately began evacuating the surrounding and attached apartments. They confirmed smoke coming from the suspects apartment.

As MFD units staged a block away, Medford Police officers kept a watchful eye on the man while he stood on his balcony. Directly behind him, the apartment filled with smoke.

Medford Police tentatively allowed an MFD crew to go around the building to try and prepare access to the interior as they kept a watchful eye on the individual.

Once communication was made on scene with the man, a ladder was placed to allow him the option to peacefully surrender to authorities.

He climbed the ladder down to awaiting law enforcement officers and surrendered without incident.

Medford Fire personnel immediately sprang into action and accessed the burning apartment from the front door and the balcony.

Fire crews made quick work of the fire and it was contained shorty after. MFD units will remain on scene for the next couple hours to ensure the safety of the structure and continue to look for any remaining hot spots.

Once more official information is released we will update.

Here are raw videos from the scene:

Suspect Surrenders
Suspect Climbs Down to Police
Suspect is Taken Into Custody
Firefighters Enter Apartment
Emergency Scene on Royal
MFD Finishing Interior Work

All suspects are innocent until charged, and proven guilty in a court. Scanner traffic is unconfirmed information.

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