Suspect Drops His Cell Phone After Theft at Rogue Valley Mall

A thief wanted by The Medford Police Department recently, grabbed 8 pairs of Juicy Couture sweatpants from JC Penny at the Rogue Valley Mall.

Giovanni Solis – Suspected Thief

Employees attempted to talk to the suspect, but he took off running. Funny part is that in all the commotion, he dropped his phone.

Medford Police joked saying, they have the phone and if the suspect wants it back, to swing on by the department, and get it cleared up.

“It looks like your phone has a lot of information you probably need as you seem to be very active in selling property online. Oh and be sure not to sell those sweatpants, or that could land you in more trouble (selling stolen property and all)” MPD remarked on their social media page today,

Case 21-20610.

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