Jackson County Search and Rescue Saves Missing Woman

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) Search and Rescue (SAR) saved a missing Prospect woman last night stranded in snow off a forest road.

The 46-year old woman had been missing for nearly 24 hours when she was reported to ECSO Dispatch and SAR initiated the call-out.

Six teams of SAR volunteers and JCSO deputies conducted a hasty search of her last known area. A SAR search truck team found the woman three hours later off of Rancheria Road near Butte Falls.

The woman was cold, tired and nearly out of gas when the team found her, and believes she would not have survived another night in the elements.

The search was delayed due to deep snow in much of the Rogue River National Forest search area.

This search was one of three SAR call-outs last night to rescue stranded motorists. As weather conditions worsen in much of the higher-elevation areas of Jackson County, it is important to avoid going off-road during the winter season.

Please also be aware that winter weather is expected most of this week, with a greater chance for heavy pass snow and a possibility of valley snow mid-week.

Driving conditions will only get worse with the coming weather. Plan accordingly in your travels and be prepared for winter conditions.

Courtesy of JCSO

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