Man Pleads Guilty in 2019 Murder of Central Point Man

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office announced earlier this week that David Vaughn Bullard plead guilty and was sentenced on Manslaughter in the First Degree on December 1, 2021, in the Jackson County Circuit Court.

David Bullard

Bullard was sentenced to 204 months in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections with three years post- prison supervision and restitution for funeral costs.

On November 21, 2019, at approximately 3:36pm a neighbor called 911 to say he heard a gunshot and saw a male laying on the ground across the street from his residence. Four minutes later David Bullard called 911 to say he shot the victim, Nicholas Kubasiak (DOB 9/17/1981). When Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at 6603 Ponderosa Street in Central Point, they found Mr. Kubasiak deceased in the driveway of the residence. Bullard and Jerrimy Richards, the homeowner of 6603 Ponderosa Street, were arguing about what happened in the driveway of the residence. Bullard was taken into custody and the firearm used was secured by law enforcement. Detectives determined both Bullard and the deceased, Mr. Kubasiak, were being evicted by Mr. Richards.

Detectives later learned on the morning of November 21, 2019, Bullard and Mr. Kubasiak got in an altercation. Mr. Kubasiak slashed Bullard’s tires and menaced him with a knife. This altercation was caught on a surveillance camera at the residence. Bullard then left the property after the altercation and came back to the residence at approximately 3:30pm. Mr. Kubasiak was sitting outside barbequing hamburger patties when Bullard approached him. Prior to approaching Mr. Kubasiak, Bullard activated a recording device on his cell phone and audio recorded the interaction between them. Bullard first asked where Mr. Richards was and then questioned Mr. Kubasiak about the eviction. Bullard and Mr. Kubasiak then got into a verbal argument. Bullard told Mr. Kubasiak to put the knife away. Mr. Kubasiak responded he did not have a knife. Bullard then shot Mr. Kubasiak.

Detectives found a knife belonging to Mr. Kubasiak laying on the ground near his body. Detectives learned from the homeowner, Bullard and the victim, Mr. Kubasiak, had several prior altercations and this was one of the reasons they were both evicted.

Bullard was taken to the Sheriffs Office where he was interviewed and released to Rogue Valley Medical Center’s Behavioral Health unit on a hold for an Evaluation. During that time, detectives found the audio recording of the interaction between Bullard and Mr. Kubasiak and the shooting.

Bullard was arrested for the charge of Murder in the Second Degree.

The State and the defense reached a plea agreement after determining an essential witness, the homeowner Jerrimy Richards, had passed away and another essential witness is no longer in the State of Oregon. The victim’s family was included in the plea negotiation.

At sentencing both Mr. Kubasiak’s mother and brother spoke about the impact this crime had and continues to have on their family. Mr. Kubasiak’s mother made a heartfelt testimony of her son’s life, the positive impact he had on others and the loss she and her family feel every day.

Courtesy of Jackson County District Attorney’s Office

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