Oregon Landlord Guarantee Program Offers Help to Those Who Qualify

What is the Landlord Guarantee Program? Do you have a tenant with outstanding rent debt who has applied for rent help, the Landlord Guarantee Program may be able to help.

When a tenant notifies the landlord that they have applied for rent assistance, the 60 day “safe harbor” begins. Oregon’s Landlord Guarantee Program reimburses landlords for eligible non-payment costs, like rent and late fees, incurred during the “safe harbor” period.

You may qualify for funds if:

  • Your tenant provided you with documentation they received from a rent assistance provider showing that they applied for rent assistance: 

    1) delayed delivering a Termination Notice for Non-payment, or 

    2) delayed initiating or continuing an action for possession based on a termination notice for non-payment and

  • The tenant has back-owed rent and/or eligible non-payment charges that accrued during the period of delay, and 
  • The tenant lives in Oregon

You will be required to submit documentation with your application, including: 

  • A copy of Property Management Agreement with the Owner, if you are the Property Manager
  • Completed IRS W-9 form “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification”
  • A copy of the notification the tenant gave you that they applied for rent assistance.
    This can include a copy of an e-mail, copy of a screenshot, or other written or electronic documentation
    the tenant received directly from a rent assistance provider that verifies the submission of an application for rent assistance.

To begin, visit homeforward.org

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