Central Point Police Give Treat-or-Treating Safety Tips

If you plan to take your children out for Trick-or-Treating today, here are some Trick-or-Treating tips CPPD would like you and your children to be aware of.

Plan your route ahead of time.
Trick-or-Treat in familiar neighborhoods.

Always trick-or-treat in groups accompanied by an adult.

Follow a curfew and take a watch with a back light.
Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries after dark.
Walk with your head up and be aware of your surroundings.

Only visit well-lit houses. Don’t stop at dark houses.
Don’t enter any house unless you know the people who live there.

Stay away from unfamiliar pets and animals.
Never accept rides from strangers.
Always watch for cars, especially those that are backing up or turning.

Stay on sidewalks and out of the streets.
Cross only at intersections and designated crosswalks.
Follow traffic signals and don’t jaywalk.

Don’t cut across yards and stay out of backyards.
Watch out for open flames in Jack-o-Lanterns.
Remember to “stop, drop, and roll” if your costume catches on fire. Review this procedure if you need a refresher.

Don’t eat any candy until it’s been inspected for tampering under bright lights.
Avoid candy that has loose wrappings, is unwrapped, has puncture holes or is homemade.

Keep hard candy away from small children to avoid choking.
Carry a spare Halloween bag, in case yours breaks or you fill your original one.

Respect other people and their property.
Don’t trample through flower beds and gardens.
Be polite and say, “thank you.”

Walk to and from houses—avoid running.
Report any suspicious or criminal activity to an adult or the police.

Dial 911 for emergencies. Have fun out there!

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