FD3 and Mercy Flights Rescue Injured ATV Rider

On Sunday, around 1:45 pm, 7702 (White City ‘A’ Shift) assisted Mercy Flights and the FD3 Technical Rescue Team (7792) with a Mutual Aid request for an ATV rollover with injuries that occurred near Longbranch Road, to the west of Shady Cove/Trail.

Due to the rugged terrain and remote location, the crews were taken to the accident site via a small 4wd pickup (about 6 miles).

They provided care to the patient and kept him warm as the temperatures were dropping and the rain had started to fall.

That was followed by a 1.5 mile hike out to the landing zone where they met Mercy 105 (helo) for transport. The patient sustained serious injuries but was stable at time of transport.

Courtesy of FD3

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