ODF Reminds The Public That Fire Season is Still Active

ODF wants to remind everyone that even though our region has dropped into the LOW Fire risk category, Fire season is still officially active.

While we’re expecting rain in the forecast this weekend and into next week, fire season is still in effect and debris burning is still prohibited.

Until the official end of fire season is declared on the ODF Southwest Oregon District, this restriction will remain in place.

Escaped debris burns have caused 52 grassfires in Jackson and Josephine counties this year. While no one thinks their burn pile will escape, it happens. With shifting weather patterns, piles can easily reignite in warmer, windy conditions days to weeks later, and potentially when you’re not home to notice.

Not only does this place your home and neighborhood at risk, but it could land you a fine and potentially the entire cost of extinguishing the fire.

Please be aware of the dangers this activity poses, especially this time of the year, and wait until it’s allowed.

Courtesy of ODF

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