Black Bear Sighting in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Police Issue alert for a large black bear sighting.

Saturday, October 2, 2021, at approximately 10:24 am, Officer Alex Oh was flagged down by a citizen who reported the sighting of a bear on S. 3rd St near Daisy Creek Rd. The citizen stated that the bear appeared to be a Black Bear approximately 400 pounds.

Officer Oh responded to the area where he was unable to locate the bear. While in the area he made contact with other citizens who stated that they had also seen the bear which appeared to be afraid of people, and may have been heading in the direction of town.

From the ODFW website:

“Be Bear Aware” and do their part to avoid creating situations that are dangerous for people and bears,” said Mathew Vargas, ODFW Rogue District assistant wildlife biologist “Black bears are wild animals that can behave unpredictably and may quickly become a human safety problem if habituated to human food.”

The best way to keep bears and people safe is to prevent bears from getting food rewards within the City. To keep wild bears wild, we ask you and your neighbors to help by:

• Never feed bears.
• Put garbage cans out just before pick-up.
• Keep pet food inside.
• Remove bird feeders.
• Keep BBQ grills clean or in the garage.
• Clean up fruit under fruit trees.

If you encounter a bear:

• STOP: Never approach a bear at any time for any reason. If you see bear cubs, leave the area.
• GIVE IT SPACE: Give any bear you encounter a way to escape.
• STAY CALM: Do not run or make sudden movements. Face the bear and slowly back away.
• AVOID EYE CONTACT: Don’t make eye contact with the bear.
• DON’T RUN: It may encourage the bear to chase you.
• FIGHT BACK: In the unlikely event you are attacked, fight back, shout, be aggressive, use rocks, sticks, and hands.

Report non-emergency bear activity in Jacksonville by calling ODFW directly at 541-826-8774
Dial 911 if there is an immediate threat to human health and safety.

Courtesy of Jacksonville PD

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