Fawn Fire 9/28 Morning Update

8,577 acres

65% containment

185 structures destroyed

26 structures damaged

3 firefighter injuries

1,796 fire personnel

Current Situation:

Fire suppression personnel will continue to strengthen containment lines by patrolling the fire area and extinguishing hots spots. Southwest winds today will transition to a north wind event this evening with predicted gusts up to 35 mph. Fire Suppression Repair and Rehabilitation has begun and will continue throughout the next few days. It is our priority to make the fire area safe for residents to return when told to do so. Residents within evacuation warnings should be prepared to leave if fire activity increases.

Evacuation Orders

  • (SCU-500-P) All areas north from Clikapudi Creek west from Wildcat Canyon and
    south from Juniper drive.
  • Moonlight Lane.
  • (SCU-E193-C) All areas south from Lake Shasta east from the West Fork of
    Stillwater Creek east from Bear Mountain Road
  • (SCU-E500-B) South of Clikapudi Creek, east of Dry Creek and north of Mirror
    Valley Lane.
  • (SCU-E197-B) West of Dry Creek Road and south of Bear Mountain Road.
  • (SCU-E192-C) All areas east of Old Oregon Trail, north and west of Bear Mountain
    Road between Kitty Hawk and Moss Drive
  • (SCU-E192-B) All areaas south of Bear Mtn. Road east of Creek Trail, north of
    Squaw Grass Trail. 
  • (SCU-E195-A) South from Chipeta Way east from Bear Mountain Road, west to
    Charron Lane
  • (SCU-E192-D) All areas south of Bear Mountain Road west of Creek Trail north of
    Chipeta Way
  • (SCU-E192-F) All areas east of Kitty Hawk Lane north of Deep Hole Creek and west
    of Schole Drive.
  • (SCU-E500-Q, E195-D, E195-B) North of Bear Mountain Road west of Kitty Hawk
    Lane and east of Old Oregon Trail and moonlight Lane.
  • (SCU-E198-C) All roads south of Bear Mtn. Road west of Dry Creek Road north of
    Squaw Grass Trail and east of Dry Creek Road.

Evacuation Warnings 

  • (SCU-E500-N, E192-E, E189-C, E189-D) All areas east of Holiday Road north from
    Union School Road and West of Old Oregon Trail and Copper Canyon Road.
  • (SCU-E193-A & D) East of Fawndale Road to the south end of Fawndale Road and
    to the north of Fawnda

Residents within evacuation warnings should be prepared to leave if fire activity increase.

Evacuation Centers

First Church of the Nazareen 2225 Bechelli Lane Redding, California 96002

Road Closures

  • Dry Creek Road at Squaw Grass Trail
  • Old Oregon Trail at La Crescenta-within the City of Redding
  • Old Oregon Trail at Holiday Lane
  • Union School Road at Phaedra Lane

Courtesy of Cal Fire

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