Medford Police Chief Set To Retire After 27 Years of Service

Medford Police Chief Scott Clauson has announced his retirement from the Medford Police Department (MPD) effective January 1, 2022 after 27 years of service to the City.

“This decision is bittersweet. The police department, as well as City staff, have become like a second family to me,” said Clauson. “This decision is largely due to the recent changes to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), specifically related to HB1049 that went into effect this year.”

Clauson began his law enforcement career as a part time Community Service Officer and was later hired as a Police Officer in July 1995. He has served on multiple department units including the Crisis Negotiation Team, Financial Crimes Division, Gang & Street Drugs, and was a School Resource Officer. In 2019, he was appointed Police Chief.

Under Clauson’s leadership the City’s Livability Team was implemented and has become a model for other City’s interested in alternative police response for people suffering mental health and substance use disorder. Clauson was also instrumental in bringing the first Body Worn Camera program to the department in 2016.

“Chief Clauson has lead our police department through some difficult challenges over the past two years,” said City Manager Brian Sjothun. “I am tremendously grateful for his leadership and support as we’ve navigated a global pandemic, social unrest, and implemented new public safety initiatives such as the Livability Team. His commitment to the City of Medford and the Medford Police Department has been incredible.”

With Clauson’s retirement, the City will begin the hiring process for a new police chief within the next 30-60 days.

“I am extremely grateful for the many opportunities and support that the City has extended to me. That support has allowed me to have a vibrant and fulfilling career. It has been a privilege and honor to have served this community over the past 27 years,” said Clauson.

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