Take Care of Your Mental Self.

Breathe deep.

OHA Care

These past weeks have been unsettling. It makes sense if it’s hard to concentrate or to take in everything that’s going on. It is important to make self-care a priority.  

Breathe deep. Take a walk. Talk to your loved ones. Those simple acts can help us feel more grounded when we are stressed.  

Here are some other ways to take care of yourself: 

  • Unplug from the news for a while.
  • Play music you love.  
  • Practice a hobby that you enjoy. 
  • Read a good book.
  • Watch a favorite movie.  
  • Cuddle with your pet. 

And remember that taking precautions to keep yourself and your community safe from COVID-19 is also a way to take care: wear your mask, watch your distance, limit your gatherings and wash your hands frequently.  

Visit our Safe + Strong website for more resources, including how to contact the Safe + Strong Helpline and information in languages other than English. 

It’s okay to give yourself this moment to believe that things can be okay.

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