Oregon Mask Details.

Oregon Indoor Mask Requirement, effective Friday, August 13

● Goal of indoor mask requirement is to limit the spread of the Delta variant as much as possible indoors, where COVID-19 spreads more easily. The requirement works in combination with efforts to encourage more Oregonians to become fully vaccinated.

● The emphasis of indoor mask requirement is on personal responsibility––we are asking Oregonians to make a commitment to protect those around you by wearing a mask. We are also asking Oregonians to be kind and considerate of others and to treat store employees and others with respect: they are asking you to wear a mask to save lives.

● Applies to adults and children older than 5. On public transit, also includes children older than 2. This aligns with Multnomah County mask requirements.

● Applies broadly to people in all indoor public spaces. (Masks are still strongly encouraged in crowded outdoor situations.)

● Common sense exemptions apply for activities that would be impractical or impossible wearing a mask, for example: eating and drinking; swimming and organized, competitive sports; performances involving singing or speaking in public.

○ In these cases, OHA recommends strongly that participants be fully vaccinated if eligible.

○ Similar to exemptions in recently-adopted mask requirements in Nevada, Louisiana, and Washington, DC.

● Oregon OSHA will have a role in enforcement for employers and employees, with an education-first approach: OSHA will work with employers who are making an effort to comply and won’t conduct inspections or issue fines immediately as businesses implement masking protocols, including the necessary signage.

Prepared by Office of Governor Kate Brown, 8/11/21

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