Metro Cooling Shelter List

With another round of triple digits arriving, some metro cities are opening up cooling shelters.

Talent: City of Talent will be hosting a Cooling Center at the Talent Community Center from August 10-15. The Cooling Center will be open 2pm-8pm each day. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact us at, (541) 535-1566

Medford: Due to high temperatures, a cooling shelter will be open Tuesday – Saturday (August 10 – August 14) from 12 – 8 PM. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the shelter will be operated at the Medford Senior Center, located at 510 E. Main Street. Wednesday and Friday the shelter will be operated at the Jackson County Library Medford, located at 205 South Central.

Ashland: The cooling shelter in Ashland is at 48 5th Street. Open noon to 7 pm. (Via Jason Houck – Ashland Jobs with Justice). There is no official city of Ashland sponsored cooling shelter, however, city officials told us that RVTD will offer free rides to Medford area cooling shelters as well. Otherwise, the libraries will be open, Ashland fire stations generally put out water for people, and the parks department has a guide of where people can go to cool off in the city parks.

We are updating this list as cities release more shelter locations.

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